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Our Style

Today's photography takes place in a complex and fast-changing scientific and technological environment, with high expectations from a well-informed public. To move forward in this environment, we have made collaboration and group practice, the foundation of our work. It takes a team to do what we do. We work closely together in delivering the highest quality services. This dedicated focus encompasses families and public as an integral component of our services. Multidisciplinary teams, whose members are experts in their field and at the forefront of applied and technical advances, carry out specialized programs with utmost care and dedication. We are a unique facility that combines the major fields of arts and photography and integrates them functionally to provide a suite of comprehensive services under one roof. We strive to revolutionize the understanding of photography and to play a leading role in developing it further. We aim to develop effective, efficient, and lasting photographic strategies. We seek to make a lasting contribution by developing new knowledge and translating discoveries into advanced applications in arts and photography. By combining the practice and science of photography, we apply the latest insights, newest technology, and most advanced expertise to deliver outstanding services to clients. We are accountable to our supporters and take this responsibility very seriously and appreciate the level of trust by our clients. Our commitment is simple: to surpass client expectations through fast, friendly and dedicated service and above all "We create photos for a lifetime..."


Just like everyone else, you are unique! Studiobrar Photography with the right style and attitude will make you feel comfortable and it will show in your photos so you can cherish your "moments and memories" for years to come. Therefore we would love to talk to you, about our customized packages for your special event/occasion.


- A deposit is required to book the event/occasion date.

- We are Montreal based photographers but also available throughout US and Canada. We are also available for destination weddings.

- Contact Us for customized packages and for other details.

Photos Online

We offer an intuitive password protected gallery where you will have access to all your photos to share with your near and dear ones. Online galleries are compatible with your iOS and Android devices, making your story available to you at all times.


Easy! Contact Us with the details of your event/occasion. We will reply with available dates to meet your needs. For us its all about client networking, we will meet in person and get to know you a little.

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